maintenance Forklifts

Maintenance has faced with different stages of development. At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution until recently, the common maintenance method is the reaction method i.e when the machine breaks down, we fix it but if it works well then it needs no maintenance. So in this period, the concept of maintenance is to fix the machine in case it breaks down.
However, with the evolution of industry, the need of taking some actions has appeared to avoid problems that occur due to the use of reaction method in maintenance, thus “Athertek” provides the Forklifts maintenance program with periodical contracts to save the machine and to avoid its crashes, because if it stops, there will be lots of loses. This program is held by staff of qualified workers to deal with all the details, sizes and types of Forklifts from circuitry. Hydraulic, Packaging machines, Asphalt Box,…etc have joined to this program with the highest professional and technical standards.

Electrical chargers maintenance

Because the Forklifts need constant maintenance and also because they are extremely important, we provide you with integral support, comprehensive periodic maintenance of electric chargers with all of its sizes and types to keep working efficiently which will have an impact on improving the performance of the batteries and reduce its crashes.

Sale and rent forklifts

This service gives many choices of sale, rent and buying with annual, monthly and daily contracts with several Forklifts sizes and types and it also gives supportive services with extended insurance.