The idea of establishment of “Athertek” has showed from the importance of the supportive services of industrial and commercial companies that are related to the equipment and Forklifts, So at the beginning “Athertek” was an idea after then it had become a real company. So, it cracked its hardest path, The success isn’t a real thing until the ambition exists. So through our ambitions and capabilities, “Arthetek” has found its way toward the perfect beginning by its reliance on a qualified, privileged and trained work team which has the experience that qualifies it to work hardly and mastery, so we started to build a professional identity that suits with the amount of success that we are looking forward to. We also have counted on fixed principles in our work to serve the relevant companies in the kingdom by our commitment to the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism in work. So, we provide our customers with the integral service and quality.
We ask God Almighty to guide us.
The general manager.