About Batteries Services

Because we have a large concern about the importance of Forklifts, we put our attention on the batteries maintenance by watching the intensity of acid and electrical connectors and by removing salts and following-up electric chargers in order to give the appropriate volts for each battery by qualified technicians who are specialized in that particular filed in order to make the battery live longer and reduce the costs for our customers.

Batteries marketing

In order to achieve the target of the service, “Arthetek” is committed to give the appropriate product for batteries by looking for the largest companies of industrial batteries manufacturing by qualified technicians in that particular field.
And with the help of God, we have chosen the “Brostolaat” company after we made the necessary tests on them (Batteries) and applying them in reality.
The “Brostolaat” company is one of the largest companies in this field. It guarantees the performance of the batteries at the highest international standards with competitive prices in comparison with other companies.