The economic growth that never stops growing precisely in the industrial development, covers most of the businesses sectors in the kingdom. The reliance of the human being on the simple tools and wheels since old ages which are by time developed to complicated and huge machines. “Forklift” is a fine example of them that is considered one of the most important means of transportation and storage for products and other items in the industrial institutions. It needs from time to time constant technical and professional support and to be coped with the development of that sector. The kickoff of “Athertek” is an idea to keep the development of that sector. So, we hope to offer you the best service.

Our message

Offering the best appropriate services to our customers with the highest standards of quality and performance to achieve their constant requirements.

Our vision

We seek to make “Athertek” the pioneer in that particular field of “Forklifts” and to support it technically and professionally.

Our manners and principles

In “Athertek” we keep our manners which are taken from the modern scientific notions and from the developed technological achievements to create the best way to serve our customers:

  • We are committed to work diligently.
  • We always deal with our customers and our team honestly and transparently.
  • We don’t always stop evolving and looking for the best.
  • We work professionally according to the highest ethical and professional standers.
  • We are committed to punctuality and meticulousness.

Our targets

  • Giving the technical and professional support to our customers at any time within a day.
  • Working on expanding our branches constantly to include all of the kingdom in order to converge our customers’ needs and requirements.
  • Counting on the modern and advanced technologies in order to serve our customers.
  • Working quickly, efficiently and mastery. Committing to the professional and technical standers.
  • Developing the cadres and technicians to be coped with the rapid development of modern technology to offer the good services.

Clients who we are proud to serve

We are always proud to provide our clients with a full service according to the vision of success and competition that we have adopted in our company because the clients’ satisfaction is the key of our success.